December 10, 2016

Marko Zaror: Honor in Action

Back in August of 2015, Eoin put out an amazing Article on Marko and I took notice!

I am happy to report that with the completion of Savage Dog pending, and Marko’s role in Alita Battle Angel, the entire EARTH will have a chance to see a man of honor, courage, bravery, honesty, and humble state of mind in action. Marko is a giving respectful, soul always looking to help others be better in action, A star that needs to rise to A list status as he will respect others in the action game. Steadfast in health, always looking to better himself it is an honor to even watch his work. His eating habits are as honorable as his work ethic, sharing food tips for the betterment of mankind! When I saw him in Zambo Dende series I was blown away at the trailer and the behind the scenes! Please check these amazing videos out on YouTube:


Behind the Scenes

Reach back and research this amazing man’s body of work you will not be suffer any disappointment!

Marko is of course in From Dusk Till Dawn series now! Worthy of a watch! Check out photo below from IMDB:

Marko Zaror’s fortitude and strength are inspiring because he shows reverence to other real martial artists male and female. Earlier this year I was so thrilled that Marko was able to work alongside Juju Chan in Savage Dog. Hailing from Chile, Marko shall crash the Hollywood landscape and will be a positive force in the action world for years to come.

Marko has so many things lined up for 2017, it will be amazing to watch his star rise, I look forward to an interview when the time is right, and he is ready. In the meantime, please follow him on his social Media feeds @





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