December 14, 2016

Ron Smoorenburg Unleashes Far East Action

Action actor and martial artist Ron Smoorenburg has several news worthy items of note for readers of The Action Elite. The first cool item is Ron has a brand new Facebook likes page which will keep action fans up to date on his latest activities including his work in The Warrior’s Gate and the 2018 film Asura, which is currently filming in China. Ron is a fantastic martial artist, and creative in design as well. He can edit demo reels and do graphics for web-pages as he created the ones for Far East Action!

Ron is part of a great team of action professionals called Far East Action, who are constantly working hard to better the action landscape. Far East Action is a great group, with a combined 100 plus films under their belt. Each member of the team has a unique look and skill set, their hard work and dedication make a welcome addition to any project. Please check out the brand new official website and Facebook pages. Each member of the team can be contacted through the main page. The team is on the look out for hard working respectable individuals who are ready to act and fight in feature films in Asia!

Watch for more on Far East Action and Ron in 2017 when The Warrior’s Gate comes out in the USA and Asura gets closer to completion!

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Dan Templegod
Dan Templegod
I have written for more than a half dozen movie and music magazines. Zazz, Jam, The Wild Rag, Revelations, Sirens Of Cinema, Tampa Bay Spike, and Vengeance. All have ceased to exist, welcome to the age of the internet!! I currently write for Dan's Movie Report



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