December 12, 2016

Spoilery Details on Alien: Covenant

We can expect the first trailer to Alien: Covenant in the near future but for now our buddy Saverio has sent us some cool (and possibly spoilery) info on the movie courtesy of If you don’t want to know anything at all about the movie then look away now. 

This is your last warning.

OK you’ve been warned.

Forum member Dark Nebula discovered a thread on 4chan by an anonymous user who claims to have been part of a test audience for Alien: Covenant.

They state: “The direction of the movie is that David creates the classic xenomorph by merging android “DNA” with the proto-xenomorph you see in the poster. This is what gives them their intelligence. We also find out a few new tricks that the xenos can do, which explains how they get around the ships so easily in the other films. Not going to spoil it, but the bio-mechanical appearance isn’t just appearance any more. I think this one will divide Alien fans but I mostly liked it.

They go on to clarify further, by adding:

A basic form of the xenomorph already exists in the movie and takes up the bulk of it. This isn’t the deacon from Prometheus but basically a pre-classic-xenomorph which is more natural and animal than the one from the old movies. David uses the catalyst oil to transform it into a life form that’s sort of between organic and synthetic. It’s why Ash is so fascinated with it in the first Alien film and regards it as perfect.
They also touch on the relationship between David and Walter – the other Android Michael Fassbender plays. Apparently David has overcome his programming and become self aware – like a Terminator!

Yeah, two different androids. There’s a sort of cat-and-mouse game where David is constantly being watched by Walter, who doesn’t trust David at all. Walter attempts to “upgrade” David, and there’s a twist where you find out that David has overcome his programming and become sentient, so it doesn’t work, and he fucks over Walter. Superb performances by Fassbender again”.

Sounds interesting but it also sounds like a real sequel to Prometheus as well as a proper Alien movie so count me in. According to a Twitter user who got to see some footage of the trailer they state it’s going to be “haaaaard R rated. Horrifying trailer“. Good!


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