December 16, 2016

Win Steven Seagal’s Sword from The Perfect Weapon Courtesy of Director Titus Paar

Director Titus Paar mentioned in our interview last week that he was going to be doing an auction on eBay for one lucky fan to win Steven Seagal’s sword from The Perfect Weapon and you can check it out by clicking here.


STEVEN SEAGAL´S own, private sword-breaker, that he himself designed, his original copy, that he brought and used in a classic scene in THE PERFECT WEAPON

Titus Paar will auction this out to a lucky Seagal fan to help kickstart his new film.

With the Sword also comes:

An original, big size photo print, signed, never seen online, one copy, with Steven Seagal holding this sword.
Will go well with the Sword as a wall piece.

A certificate from director Titus Paar.

A personal video message from Titus Paar to the buyer.

THE PERFECT WEAPON is out world wide with SONY PICTURES and the value of this sword will continue to grow as the years go by and one day when Mr. Seagal passes be very valuable.

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Eoin Friel
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