January 20, 2017

Action On Film Fest Adds New Stunt Award Category for 2017

Action on Film Fest will add new stunt category called The Legendary Stunt Awards. Respect to Del and Theresa Weston for giving the stunt community recognition for their hard work. The 2017 festival is shaping up to be the best ever. The panel of Judges will include stuntwomen Spice Williams Crosby and Melissa Tracy and stuntman TJ Storm among other luminaries.

The Academy has shunned the advancements and dynamic performances of stunt performers for decades.  Here at Action On Film we understand that the incredible contributions made to the industry by Stunt Choreographers, Stunt Coordinators, Stuntmen and Stuntwomen must be recognized. We created The Legendary Stunt Awards where Stunt Professionals will be honored along with other great performers at Action On Film.  How do we do it?  Well, we’ve created an amazing group of stunt professionals who know the business inside and out.  This group which includes:  Bob Bralver, Dr. Robert Goldman, Melissa Tracey, Rick Avery, T.J. Storm, Art Camacho, Antony Szeto, Michael De Pasquale among others will judge YOUR work and award those chosen with the Brilliant LEGENDARY STUNT AWARDS at the 2017 Action On Film International Film Festival Black Tie Dinner and Award Show.

Any project from 2010 to 2017 is eligible as long as it contains an exciting stunt, fight, chase, or sequence. In addition, you pay a reduced entrance fee by entering our Action Sequences Division even if your entry is a short, scene or even feature film. You may also submit previously submitted sequences, scenes and films as our audience has grown substantially and you may wish to showcase your work to them while keeping your project current for possible awards.  Your submission may also receive nominations and awards in other categories of Action On Film or Hollywood Dreamz Film Awards at the 2017 AOF Show.

Watch for more on The Action Elite in the coming weeks, and as always, keep action alive!


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Dan Templegod
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