January 22, 2017

Actress CongCong Han Chats Asura & New CTV Series

Actress CongCong Han is well on her way to 2018 star status with the release of the 100 million dollar film Asura. CongCong had a few things to discuss including her current training and the completion of her portion of film in Asura. Currently CongCong is filming a new series in China and CongCong gives the inside scoop to readers of The Action Elite, long before the press release. The 20 year old CongCong has honor and talent beyond her years, consistently striving to learn and grow. Enjoy this short interview, watch for a full conversation with CongCong when the promotions for Asura begin in late 2017.

When did you start training in Wushu?

I started when I was 10 years old. When I was 16 in college I started with performance in Wushu. I currently study Film and TV performances.

Thanks for the background info, CongCong what role do you play in Asura?

I play a rebel character name Robles, perhaps we discuss that closer to the time of release.

I know it is a bit of a secret for now. Thanks for sending me the new photos, I see your hair has been chopped off, I am assuming for a new role?

Yes, it is a new TV series a remake of Jin Yong’s Novel and it will be on China Broadcast TV probably in the Summer. The name of the show in English translates to ‘Smiling Proud Wanderer’ I am playing the role of ‘Instrument of the Qing Dynasty’. Filming just began and continues through April.

Wow, long shoot, I am sure you will get to display your action skills in the series, judging from your new photos.

Yes much training as you can see in the new video. I always look to learn and grow. In China I think it is very difficult working on TV, at times I even doubt myself, but I push hard.

CongCong, every time we chat you are either filming or training, it is inspiring. Please share some of your long term goals in film.

I actually want to act in a U.S.A. Film or TV series. I want to come to the U.S. and study, to learn new techniques. I will work hard, and am really hopeful for the future.

Thank you CongCong for this exclusive chat, as always, keep action alive!

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