January 19, 2017

Check Point IMAX Premiere Friday, January 20th, San Antonio, Texas! Exclusive!

The wait is over for fans of the film Check Point!

Check Point Opens up tomorrow in a exclusive engagement with Santikos IMAX Cinemas…. please spread the word. #kennyjohnson, #iamrickyharris, #iheartmindy, #goldberg, #checkpointthemovie

Kenny Johnson will also be on hand for greet and meet and conducting media interviews in the San Antonio area.

Sharry Flaherty over at Samera Entertainment went to the Las Vegas cast and crew premiere Monday night at The Eclipse and had this cool video of the cast including Kenny Johnson and Fred Williamson.

In addition, for more exclusive material head on over to Dan’s Movie Report for the worldwide FIRST review:

Check out the exclusive 2,000 word interview with William Forsythe, where he chats about working on Check Point and various other films and TV shows including Daredevil and The Devil’s Rejects:

Amazing actress Michelle C. Lee has provided a 30 second exclusive video chatting about Check Point. The video is set to not embed, as exclusive, sign in to YouTube to watch! As always, Keep action alive!

For further information on Check Point:



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