January 30, 2017

How Mobile Apps Are Playing with Your Mind

How can a simple app make you fall into a trap? – It just has to turn into a mobile slot machine, e.g. the best can be found at

One of the main reasons is a psychological aspect of a slot machine – various and regular benefits.



If the developers wish to maximize the increase of addiction to certain products, all they have to do is to find the connection between the customer and a product. By doing so, a customer either gets it all or nothing. Addiction gets it maximum level when the bet for a win is the most changeable.


Regular usage of a phone: how do people play slots

How does it work with people? Slots bring more profit compared to even basketball, cinema or amusement parks altogether. According to the professor of New York University, Natasha Dow Schüll: “People get “unhealthy” addiction to slots 3-4 times quicker than to any other gambling games”.

Here is the impolite truth – a few billion people use their smartphones regularly to play slots no matter where they are: on a holiday, at work, at home etc. Try this site and you definitely will know it for sure, if you are into modern features, functions, excitement and large wins.

Furthermore, when we take a phone, we “play slots” looking through received notifications. When we take a phone to check e-mails, we also sort of play slots reading the most important e-mails. When we look through Instagram, we play a slot, finding out what picture will be the next one. Even when we look at faces on such dating apps as for instance, Tinder, we also play a certain slot, checking whether there is a couple for us.

At times different apps and sites use these multiple users’ benefits since it is convenient for their businesses. But in some cases, slot machines appeared by chance. For example, turning off an e-mail into a slot has never been some corporation’s goal. Nobody wins when millions of people check their e-mails and don’t find anything there. Also, Apple and Google developers were not going to turn smartphones into slot machines. It just happened coincidentally. Nevertheless, such companies as Google and Apple are not responsible for a reduction of this effect.


A fear of missing something important


One more way how apps and sites play with people’s minds is a suggestion of missing something really important.

  • that’s why we don’t refuse the subscription to some online newsletters;
  • that’s why we keep in touch with people, who we haven’t talked to for a long time;
  • it makes us check profiles on dating apps/sites; what if you miss an ideal partner?
  • that’s why we use social networks every single time there is have a chance;


But life is given not to live it in a constant fear to miss something important. And it is amazing how quickly people are capable of getting rid of these illusions as soon as they let this same fear go. When you turn the phone off for more than a day, you automatically forget about worrying things. Remember, you can’t miss something you haven’t seen or heard of.






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