January 8, 2017

Shayan Safar: Excellence in Action

Above Photo: Tio Von Hale

Special thanks goes to my long time friend Tamiko Brownlee: for recommending Shayan Safar’s demo. This is a high honor in my book, a shout out from a legend in stunt action like Tamiko, and Shayan needs to be supremely recognized for his efforts, not only in the action but the tightness of the editing and keeping the stunt reel down to a very tight one minute. Remember everyone, more often than not, directors and producers watch maybe 10-15 seconds. That said, if they see your reel is a minute or so you have a MUCH better chance of getting the entire thing watched, and if good, a better chance of landing the part you desire. Respect Shayan, your 2017 is looking bright!



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Dan Templegod
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