January 6, 2017

The Hardest Fight: Chalet Lizette Brannan

With the Widescreen film & Music Video Festival fast approaching, it is time to get a bit serious and discuss childhood cancer. Actress Chalet Lizette Brannan has done the impossible, that is come out on the blessed end of stage 4 cancer. Yes, not all death sentences end in a personal demise. Chalet has been reborn, in a life of film and appropriately is one of The Action Elite, as she has taken action in her life to unleash her creative spirit. Very inspiring, Chalet is an honorable young lady, and has dedicated her life to not only acting in diverse films, but taking the time and effort to visit hospitals and kids with cancer.

Chalet will be presenting an award at the Widescreen Film & Music Video Festival. In addition, she has a role in two nominated films at the festival ‘The Gate’, which is nominated for five awards including best picture (narrative short) and ‘Occupants’, which is nominated for two awards, including best picture (feature length).

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Dan Templegod
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