February 15, 2017

JOHN WICK ORIGINS: KIRILL Pays Tribute To One Of Tasarov’s Other Dogs In New Fan Film

Keanu Reeves sequel starrer John Wick: Chapter Two is nearing $100 million dollars at the box office following its release last week. The rollout continues this weekend in more territories including the U.K., which is still otherwise perfect timing to invest in some independently-produced film fandom to bide the time.

As of last week, filmmaker and stuntman Paul Drechsler-Martell did exactly that with the release of his latest inspired short, John Wick Origins: Kirill. Stuntman and action actor Matt Healey leads in the title role inspired by Daniel Bernhardt’s character opposite Reeves in the hit 2014 film that started it all with helmer Stahelski pairing with 87eleven fellow David Leitch at the time.

The title itself is a head-turner and one that would instantly draw interest in an origin film if Lionsgate took things in that direction. I honestly wouldn’t say no. Apart from that, we get a full five-minutes of intensity, intrigue and thrilling, brutal action with a talent roster of stuntees including David Lavallee Jr., and gripping narration by Brinton McFarland voicing the gristled Russian mafia boss, Viggo Tasarov.

As for work, you can find Drechsler-Martell getting blown away by Jon Bernthal’s Punisher debut in the second season of Marvel’s Daredevil on Netflix among his other credits in stunts. In the meantime, he’s since made his latest labor of love available on Vimeo which you can view below.

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