March 27, 2017

Help Kickstart Jabronie Pictures’s DC Comics-Inspired HARLEY Webseries

The last thirteen years have been an adventure watching the kind of amazing shortfilm work seen from actor, stuntman and filmmaker Fernando Jay Huerto (Battle Hero Absolute). Having established himself in 2001 with Jabronie Pictures, he and co-founder, actress Sunny Smith have continuously put together a body of work that varies in the realm of martial arts action, mingling with drama, sci-fi, comedic slapstick and wholesome humor, all of which have helped them grow the worldwide fanbase and network they now have with other creatives online.

This also extends to his latest shortfilm, Harley, inspired by none other than the noted DC Comics property who took the big screen by storm in popularity through Margot Robbie’s showstealing performance in David Ayer’s Suicide Squad. In her place for this project is Jacqui Verdura front and center as she puts a hurtin’ on a small squad of Oswalt Cobblepot’s men in the eponymous December 2016 short which has since accumulated a total well over 700,000 views, essentially making it a viral success, as well as perfect cause to help advance efforts for more episodes.

Our Harley Quinn fan film series is a non-profit action heavy series with entertaining fight choreography and stunt work. It’s a follow up to our popular Harley Quinn fan film from 2016. The episodes will continue to focus on Harley and her gang and her run ins with a few of the heroes and villains of Gotham, such as Nightwing and Barbara Gordon, using the signature action design and fight choreography of Jabronie Pictures.

If you haven’t seen Harley yet, you can check it out below as well as the campaign video to learn how you can help bring more Harley to the web for fans. And obviously, with some cool Kickstarter perks to boot.

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