April 6, 2017

Arnie Confirms He’s Not In The Predator

There really is a lot of crap news coming out today; hot on the heels that Arnold Schwarzenegger will most likely not be doing Legend of Conan, the man himself has said a recent interview with Yahoo that he will not be involved in any way with Shane Black’s The Predator reboot next year. 

The interviewer asked: “My all-time favorite film of yours is Predator, and Shane Black is now rebooting the franchise with The Predator. Are you involved with it in any way?

They asked me, and I read it, and I didn’t like it — whatever they offered. So I’m not going to do that, no. Except if there’s a chance that they rewrite it, or make it a more significant role. But the way it is now, no, I won’t do that.”

We’ve known for a while that it was unlikely he would be involved after Boyd Holbrook mentioning it a few months back but Arnie actually saying that he didn’t like it really doesn’t bode well at all.

So that flushing sound is is my interest in this movie going down the toilet. 


Source: Yahoo

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Eoin Friel
Eoin Friel
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  • Mucho Macho

    This movie is started to smell like a rotting corpse my friend

  • Eoin Friel

    Yeah man I haven’t seen anything that appeals about this movie yet. I hope a trailer convinces me otherwise.

  • Jason Robertson

    You’re right Eion it is Crap news. This Predator remake will probably be like Total Recall remake, watered-down and tame compared to the Original. Also despite having so called proper actors they all lack Arnie’s big personality and film will be lifeless. Wake up Hollywood! Action Films need Action stars not pussy actors!