April 21, 2017

Paul Mormando’s Bound By Debt Trailer

The new trailer for the hard hitting independent action movie Bound By Debt packs a lot of punch, along with kicks, strikes and chokeholds. The underground film about the underground fight world is set to enter the ring in December 2017.
Bound by Debt marks the debut of writer-director Anna Mormando. It looks like she made the movie to torture her husband champion martial artist and action film star Paul Mormando (Double Fist, American Sensei), who plays Dylan James, a Mixed Martial Arts competitor who fights for the same mob that his degenerate gambling brother Robert, played by Bobby Ciasulli of Real Housewives of New Jersey, is in debt to.
Mob boss Mr. Russo, played by Samuel DiFiore (The Genesis Project), holds Robert’s wife and two daughters Alexis (Nikki Silva) and Nicole (Alexis Mormando) as a personal marker. The film also features Michele Frantzeskos (The Right To Live), and Freedom Williams from C&C Music Factory.
Paul Mormando, AKA “Mr. Karate USA,” created the Cha Ki Do martial arts system and the Real Life Self Defense System,  which breaks down all the most punishing aspects of fighting into one, possibly lethal simple delivery system.
Bound By Debt is being distributed by Cinevest Interactive and is produced by Put Entertainment. The film is in post-production and scheduled for release in December 2017.

Martial Artist Star turned actor, Paul Mormando, grew up watching his idols like Bruce Lee, Chuck Norris, and Jean-Claude Van Damme on the big screen. Mormando says “These days, most of the action films are Transformers or based on super heroes. People want a hero that they can relate to,” and Mormando did just that.

With A scheduled December 2017 Release scheduled on his new action film, “Bound By Debt,” in which Mormando plays Dylan James, a rough-and-tough underground fighter who is estranged from his family. Robert James played by (Bobby Ciasulli of RHONJ Fame) is an addicted gambler with a wife and two daughters. When Dylan can no longer fulfill his obligations to the mob, Mob Boss Mr. Russo (Samuel DiFiore) uses Robert’s gambling addiction and family as leverage against Dylan. The two brothers will have to reunite to save themselves and Robert’s family.

“Bound By Debt” promises to bring some much need old-school action to the big screen. “Bound By Debt” introduces Freedom Williams(from C&C Music Factory) as _____ and is directed by Anna Mormando, in her directorial debut.

Mormando, who also serves as a producer on the feature, says, “the action scenes will be my best work to date as we cast real life martial artists to fulfill the roles instead of actors.” He also consulted with some real life “wise guys” to bring as much realism to the film as he could.

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BOUND BY DEBT trailer cinevest h2 from ANNA MORMANDO on Vimeo.

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