April 1, 2017

The Seagal Movie We Never Saw

Steven Seagal was at the height of his action powers in the early 90’s with Under Siege becoming box office champ; he hasn’t had as big a hit since but there was a movie that was very close to getting made but didn’t quite see the light of day. That movie was Steven Seagal’s ‘Rear Assault.’

In the movie Seagal would have faced off against the Yakuza, with a nod to Seagal’s actual past of having spent years learning Aikido in Japan. Sensei would be cast as Roman, a retired black ops warrior pitted against his blood brother, a Yakuza kingpin who’s terrorizing the streets of Tokyo.

Sounds like it could have been pretty awesome but don’t listen to me, you can read the entire script right here which was written by Will Benson and Chris Bradley.







If you’ve scrolled all way down here then congratulations. April Fools!





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