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May 8, 2017

The Mummy (2017): Hit or Miss?

Tom Cruise returns this summer in Universal’s reboot of The Mummy; it also stars Russell Crowe and is meant to be the start of a shared universe with other classic monster movie characters like Van Helsing, The Creature from the Black Lagoon and more that are currently in the works.

The big question is will audiences be interested in a new Mummy movie when Brendan Fraser’s trilogy is still pretty fresh in our heads?

The trailers look like the movie will be action-packed with Tom Cruise likely running around a lot but it also seems like an old-fashioned adventure movie crossed with Mission: Impossible sized spectacle. Despite that though it all looks just a bit too familiar with scenes that look nearly identical to the 1999 movie. Sandstorm with the Mummy’s face in it? Check. Ground collapsing all around them? Check. Adventurer hero who awakens the creature by accident? Check.

I know that’s basically the story of all The Mummy movies but I think having a female Mummy is a nice twist and something we haven’t seen before so let’s see if we can get some new and exciting set-pieces too.

Older audiences around my age will also still remember the Brendan Fraser movies like yesterday as it really wasn’t that long ago when they came out so it may be a hard sell.

Tom Cruise also hasn’t really had a massive hit outside of the M:I recently so maybe his brand just isn’t quite what it once was.

The recent intentional trailer (below) was the best one yet giving off a fun, adventure vibe with some great looking set-pieces so I’ll certainly be there opening night.

The budget for the film is meant to be around $150 Million but according to pro.boxoffice.com it’s on track to make $143,000,000 domestically which sounds healthy enough so it’s up to international audiences to boost the box office which they likely will.

So will it be a hit or miss? I think a lukewarm hit with maybe $3-400 million worldwide by the end of its run and if that’s the case then it’s a decent success but not exactly mind blowing.

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