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June 27, 2017


Sony Pictures’ ROGUE WARRIOR : ROBOT FIGHTER will screen at the Sutter Creek Theater from June 30 – July 9.

ROGUE WARRIOR : ROBOT FIGHTER, described as a mix of “Mad Max” and “Star Wars”, is a science fiction film set in the distant future depicting the overthrow of humanity by artificial intelligence on Earth and other worlds. Tracey Birdsall plays Sienna, a resourceful rebel on a quest to take down the evil empire of robots.

Starring alongside Birdsall are William Kircher (‘The Hobbit’’), Daz Crawford (‘’Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’’), Stephen Manley (‘’Star Trek III’’), and Marilyn Ghiggliotti (‘’Clerks’’). Neil Johnson directs.

We spoke to Ms Birdsall ahead of the Sutter Creek theatrical bow. 


How many bones were bruised in the making of this movie, Tracey?

Hmmm… funny question! I still have bruises on my left hip from all the rolls off the speeder bike, but from what I hear… hip bruising takes a while to heal 😉 Both of my legs basically looked like a war zone, arms, back, not to mention the wrists which I had to wrap every night from lifting heavy artillery. Bruises, scrapes, cuts… can I just say yes? 😉


Did director Neil Johnson push you to the limits on the movie?

Yes, and then some… He never asked “if” I could do it again, he just directed, called “rolling”, and “action.” I never said “no”, nor would I. It’s my job.


Do you feel it was important that Sienna look so physically fit and uber-tough?

Definitely. She also had to look like she could handle it endurance-wise. I had to put on some weight, put on more muscle, and basically remember how I used to walk before I learned how to “walk like a girl.”


During production, could we have easily spotted you every morning at Gold’s Gym?

Malibu Gym – training with Diamond. I would have been the girl on the floor at the end of the workout. Diamond punishes me almost as much as Neil.


Is it more draining physically or emotionally playing such a part?

When you’re living the role, emotional and physical are so intertwined. It’s emotionally and physically exhausting but you can’t differentiate the two because it’s all so real and it’s all so extreme. The physical comes at the hills and the emotional comes at the valleys, but you’re equally in both places. Then we wake up with bruises and realize what we went through the day before 😉


How attached were you to the character by the time you stopped filming?

Sienna will always be a part of me. When I get that invested in a character, it’s very much like their memories are mine. When I live it – it’s real to me. Just because the cameras stop rolling doesn’t mean I can shed those experiences. It’s very much like remembering a stage in your life that you’re no longer in, but you can still remember what it smells like and tastes like and feels like.


Tracey Birdsall. Action Star. Has a nice ring to it. Was that your dream as a kid – to one day get to play a kick-ass movie heroine like Sienna?

I think I did a lot of role play about stuff like that, but never really dreaming – just having fun. My life has been a pretty awesome journey from tomboy to now. I keep bringing up the tomboy thing, as it’s an important part in my journey. I wasn’t that girly girl who wanted to play with dolls. It was a bit isolating. I wanted to be raced, challenged, judged on my abilities and not on my looks. It’s always nice when a girl grows up and sees that just being who she is in life (not trying to be anything but who you are) lands you exactly where you belong – and you can be proud of it. We are all exactly who we need to be. Listen up girls!… be who you are.


The film is now on release in theaters and on Blu-ray. Are you happy with the reception?

I am. It’s amazing. I mean, most of the feedback and level of enjoyment is lovely. There’s always going to be critical remarks (it’s just a fact with any project that some people like to pick things and people apart), but I’m really proud of what we’ve accomplished – and how hard we worked at it – and it’s reception. I mean, it did sell out at Walmart in two days… that’s pretty awesome – so thanks everyone…


Is it straight back to work for you now or are you busy on the Rogue Warrior PR train still?

It’s been a bit of a combination! We shot principal photography on The Time War, then I shot another film (a comedy) on the East Coast, then we shot principal photography on Rogue Warrior, then we did Rogue Warrior pick-up shots for at least 60 days, then Rogue Warrior came out this month, we’ve also shot over 80 additional shoot days and pick-up shot days on The Time War (including 3 weeks in England.) In between comes publicity… We had two shot days left on The Time War as we wrapped a day of shooting today. Funny thing was, at the end of the day, the director (Neil Johnson) had “an idea.” So I’m guessing we aren’t done 😉 Was that response clear as mud?! But true…


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