September 7, 2017

Encantadia’s Janice Hung- Behind the Action

Janice Hung’s run as the Snake Goddess Ether on Encantadia has come to a close for season one. Janice has posted several exclusive behind the action videos from the extremely popular series from the Philippines on her YouTube Channel. With almost a million and a half Facebook likes and hundreds of thousands of people watching the daily serial Encantadia, the show has exploded into Filipino pop culture, in the same way a show such as Arrow, or Agents Of Shield have done in the United States and Canada. The show airs in prime time, and nightly, Monday thru Friday.

The producers on Encantadia allow Janice the freedom to create and choreograph her own fight scenes, including the final fight in the season. Interestingly enough, Janice often works with young actors and actresses who have absolutely no fighting experience, nor do they have the knowledge of how to do any sort of on screen action playing to the camera. Encantadia itself is more of a cosplay type of show, focusing on younger viewers, rather than real hard action, thus the fighting movements are exaggerated. Please enjoy a few videos, and get behind the action!

Check out this exclusive live set shout out from Janice in full Ether costume, and as always Keep Action Alive.

For further information on Encantadia, please follow their official social media outlets:   (Encantadia Official Facebook)

For further information on Janice Hung, please subscribe to her YouTube Channel, and connect through her social media outlets: (Janice Hung Facebook)

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