September 19, 2017

Tanja Keller: Action Spotlight

In an effort to bring action from around the globe, The Action Elite takes a trip to Thailand to learn more about the amazing creative mind and fighting spirit of Tanja Keller. Tanja just released her first short film, in which she wrote, produced, directed and starred in. the film is called: Beyond Return.

The six minute short also features actors Ron Smoorenburg, who helped with some of the action and Noone Nardia, who plays a sexy bar girl. Tanja’s creativity behind the camera may have just begun, but Tanja is off and running with a great head start! Actually this is even better than a new reel in that it displays Tanja’s talents behind and in front of the camera and dialogue!

Watch Beyond Return on YouTube: 

Beyond Return Facebook Page:

In addition, Tanja has worked on numerous film projects including being Ann Truong’s stunt double for Hard Target 2. Tanja is ready for worldwide attention and sets her sights and goals high for the coming years. Check out her Show-reel:


Tanja also teaches at a cool academy in Thailand called The Movement Playground , where she is a fitness instructor and she consistently is learning new action moves herself. She is proficient in action, can use weapons such as Kamas and Bo Staff. Tanja can do complete handstand free aerial maneuvers with a weapon in each hand, a mighty impressive feat.

Check out a couple of her past competition videos in action!

Tanja with Kamas!


Variety of forms and action.


Please check out these cool videos from Tanja and follow her on her exclusive social media sites:

Tanja Keller Instagram:

YouTube Page:

Facebook Page:

Keep reading The Action Elite for updated information on Tanja’s new projects.

Photo Credits to Patrick Brown

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