October 19, 2017

4 of the Scariest Movies Ever Produced

Obviously, opinions will vary about the 4 of the scariest movies ever produced. Some people will see them and they will think that they’re not all that frightening. Of course, it’s always hard to gauge what people really think about anything. One way or another, there are several films that are considered scary enough to really leave a lasting impression on audiences.


The Ring is a great example of this. Some audiences were so terrified the first time that they saw this film that they struggled to even leave the theater. It’s a film that plays with a lot of horror movie conventions in a way that will only serve to make them that much more frightening.


The fact that this is a movie that really seems to build up to an increasingly terrifying climax is already enough to make it scary. However, the Ring is a movie that succeeded at making something as ordinary as a video tape frightening. It also gives people a false sense of security at one point during the narrative before pulling them out of it in a very dramatic fashion. That is a great formula for a horror movie.


Another ghost movie from the same era that is equally scary is The Others. This is a film that manages to invert audience expectations again, although it does so in a very different way. There are plenty of jump scares to make the film horrifying, as well as some historical details that are even scarier because they are accurate. However, the climax of the film has an element of existential horror that a lot of people will appreciate. Both the Ring and the Others have held up well, while a lot of horror movies age badly.


While Threads is not a horror movie in the sense that it does not have a lot of the usual horror movie conventions, it is still possibly one of the scariest movies that people will ever see. It is a nuclear war film from the 1980’s, and it depicts the results of a nuclear war in a terrifyingly realistic manner. It should be hard for almost anyone to have any doubts about nuclear war after something like this. It should keep people awake for days or more. Despite the fact that this is a film that is over thirty years old, it is still terrifying.


Many modern zombie movies and zombie stories have a tendency to be comedic today. However, 28 Days Later is successful as a zombie horror movie. This is probably the scariest film of its type. While Night of the Living Dead is a classic film, a lot of modern audiences will not find it especially scary these days. It’s worth watching and entertaining, but some of the more outdated aspects will leave a lot of people hoping for something more fast-paced and flashy. The film 28 Days Later is probably the most frightening of its type, even though it has been almost twenty years since it was produced. It has held up well.

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Eoin Friel
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