October 26, 2017

Best Video Games About Gambling

With the advent of the age of online games, the desire to make games more life-like, and relevant to today’s experiences have left game software producers in a frenzy. More and more people are looking for ways to inculcate their way of living into these computer games, so that they can be more age appropriate and certainly more exciting.

One way that these producers have managed to put life experiences into gaming is by featuring gambling ideas inside the games. In such games, players have a number of gold coins, or an amount of money, with which bets can be made, money can be lost, and bonuses can be gained. This is much like gambling itself, only with fake money. These ideas started with little games that gave winners gold coins with which to unlock new levels, and ended up with full blown gambling video games.


 Best Games which feature gambling

This list could be wrong, since there are already a myriad of very popular games that have gambling scenes or at least allow the players to gamble.

Here are two of them  you can look out for.

  1. Atomic Wrangler Casino

This features a futuristic Wrangler. This game features a casino that triples as a brothel, a source of chemicals as well as a flophouse. Here the player has classical games of Blackjack, roulette and various slot games.There is no assurance that you can find no deposit casino here , nevertheless, the games are sure to keep you occupied. The casino experience has certainly been made lifelike with complimentary drinks and gifts. The gifts differ from more beer to chips, a hat and then a gambler suit. The game has three levels and each level has a very distinct setting. It is sure to keep players intrigued as an early win means an ominous tap on the shoulder.

  1. The Witcher 3

This is a game that was widely popular in 2015, and it featured a card game called Gwent. In this game, playing Gwent in between slaying monsters was a necessary way to move between areas in the game, apart from killing time.This card game was confessed to be one of the most difficult that players have encountered, because they had to build a deck by collecting several cards while fighting off monsters. The opponents increased with increasing difficulty, of course, and there were several chances to miss collecting powerful cards. The game comes with a tutorial on how to master this card game. Based on the tutorial and constant practice, The Witcher 3 has gained a large number of loyal supporters.

As the world of videogames grows and expands, there is a high guarantee that the inclusion of casino games into these games boost their popularity. This will offer die hard casino gamers the opportunity to flex their muscles without losing much. Who knows, by the time they are done playing, and zeal for the real online casinos will shoot all the way up.

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