October 24, 2017

One more round- Stallone signs up to direct and produce Creed 2

The legendary actor/director/producer Sylvester Stallone has wowed film and boxing fans alike by announcing that he will be getting behind the camera for Creed 2. Stallone will be directing and producing the sequel to the 2015 boxing hit, which will once again feature the man himself, along with the excellent Michael B. Jordan in the title role. Stallone announced the move in a recent Instagram post, telling fans that he is excited to be directing Jordan in the sequel.

Creed was a sequel to the legendary Rocky series, which began in 1976, and ended with Rocky Balboa some 30 years later. Stallone reprised his role as the retired southpaw champion, with Jordan playing Adonis Creed, the offspring of Rocky’s iconic opponent in the first two Rocky movies, Apollo Creed.

The movie performed well at the box office, pulling in $173m worldwide. Stallone was nominated for an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor, after winning a Golden Globe Award in the same category. He narrowly missed out on the coveted Academy Award to Mark Rylance, who won for Stephen Spielberg’s Bridge of Spies. Sly was previously nominated for Rocky in 1976 in both the screenplay and acting categories.

With a firm grip on the marketing of Creed, Stallone can’t stop Tweeting about the upcoming movie. It is clear from Sly’s tweets, as well as the brief synopsis on IMDB, that Adonis will be taking on Drago in a bid to avenge his father’s death. Rocky himself already took revenge on the Russian when he beat him in Rocky IV, but Adonis clearly has own reasons for wanting to do the same. The now-veteran Drago was played by action star, Dolph Lundgren, one of Sly’s many co-stars in the Expendables series.

Dolph Lundgren (4840639576) by Gage Skidmore (CC-BY-SA-2.0)

The Rocky story, and Stallone himself, has served as a valuable lesson in how a franchise an continue for decades without losing an audience’s faith and respect through seemingly endless continuations and declining numbers. Creed ejected new blood into the franchise in 2015 after interest had died after the 2006 flop Rocky Balboa.

Movie franchises such as Rocky have enjoyed phenomenal success that extends beyond the big screen and into other areas of popular culture. They’re seen in toys, games, books, t-shirts, and in countless other product lines. Games, in particular, have proven popular among movie fans. Goldeneye (based on the Bond franchise) and Alien: Isolation are among the more popular titles. The lure of the movies stretches to casino games, too, with sites such as offering great recommendations of online casinos offering movie-themed games. One such recommendation, BGO, features games such as Matrix, Ghostbusters, and Robocop, all franchisee that has spawned sequels, the latter two both having received the reboot treatment. Some movies too, of course, such as Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter are even based on video games. Rocky the game was released by Rage Software in 2002, four years aftr Rocky Balboa.

Ryan Cooler directed the original Creed from a screenplay co-wrote with Aaron Covington. Cooler is presently working with Marvel on Black Panther. Stallone has previously announced that shooting would begin next year. There has been no release date announced so far.

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