C-3PO #1: The Phantom Limb Comic Review


Bottom Line: 5 / 5 - A Classic!
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Antler Asylum and Other Stories

Insanity that bubbles just under the surface. Heroism that shines forth from a dark corner. A detective with a dark side. A sleepwalking serial killer. A human slavery organization. Eradication of all thought … Enter the Asyl...
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Marvel Premiere 47-48 (first appearance of Ant-Man)

With Ant-man hitting theaters this month J-man and Sean decide to review Scott Lang’s first appearance as Ant-Man!
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Amazing Spider-man 121 Review (Death of Gwen Stacy)

J-man and Sean talk about the Death of Gwen Stacy – which we all know was dramatized in the film Amazing Spider-man 2. See how it all really went down in this fantastic bronze age issue!
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Incredible Hulk 181 Review (First appearance of Wolverine)

With Jackman announcing that Wolverine 3 will be he last outing as the famous mutant, J-man and Sean decide to review the first full appearance of Wolverine in Incredible Hulk 181. Check it out.
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Action Elite on Google+

To all action fans – Recently we asked if you wanted us to put forums on the site; there wasn’t an overwhelming response and frankly it would be a lot of work so instead The Action Elite has started a community on ...
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Avengers 57 Review (First appearance of Vision)

With Avengers Age of Ultron out and making tons of money, Sean and I decide to review the first appearance of Vision, in Avengers #57. Ultron is also in this epic issue! Check it out.
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Kingsman The Secret Service (video review)

When the world is in danger it’s up to the Kingsman, a posh British secret agency, to save the day! This time they are up against the villainous Sam Jackson and girl with blades for legs! Can super agent Colin Firth defea...
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Gut (2012) Review

Actor: ,

The Verdict: 3 / 5 - Rent It!
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