Plot: Big sweaty men! Big noisy guns! Dozens of people getting beaten and slaughtered–per scene! Entire cities razed to the ground! Liberal wimps beware as simple handguns become judge, jury and executioner! And the only repercussion is that the Stupid Chief takes your badge and gun for the weekend…

Review: It’s a rare occasion that a book will have me crying with laughter but I gotta say Ruthless Reviews Guide to 80s Action Movies: Volume 1 did just that. It pokes fun at some of our favourite movies but with love and explores such important concepts as homoeroticism in 80’s actioners.

It has several authors including my good friend Jon Cross who also happens to have the best article dedicated to Cynthia Rothrock; the Queen of Martial Arts.

We also get the 5 most awesome weapons from 80s’ action which includes Charles Bronson’s hand cannon in Death Wish 3.

The lack of respect given to Lethal Weapon, The Killer, Sudden Death and Missing in Action loses a point though as they are all awesome.

Props to Dara Yazdan of Exploding Helicopter for compiling one of the all-time great lists: The Greatest Movie Assholes in the World… Ever. Damn, I wish I had come up with that.

Matt Cale’s review of Malone is hilarious; I haven’t seen it in years but it has Burt Reynolds in it which means I need to have a rewatch ASAP.

The book is written by people who are clearly big fans of the genre and it doesn’t take itself seriously; you’ll read it in no time at all because you’ll be unable to put it down.

Overall, not really much else to say; Ruthless Reviews is at times side-splittingly funny with some innovative ideas for lists and articles that I wish I’d thought of. Worth picking up for sure.

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Eoin Friel

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