Action Breakdown #22: Revenge Films

Revenge is one of the most natural forms of emotions that we experience as people. We can be really attached to our family, boyfriend or girlfriend, kids, and even our pets that we wouldn’t want anything to happen to them...
by Omar



Action Breakdown #21: Film Techniques

A director is probably as important to the action movie as the actor or the effects are. He is the man responsible for bringing the action to life and delivering that spectacle to us when we enter the movie theater. The directo...
by Omar


Action Breakdown #20: Action Movie Titles

Nothing beats a great title for a movie. Double Impact. Die Hard. The Terminator. Sudden Death. What do these movies have in common? A killer movie title that commands your attention and gives you a look into what can you expec...
by Omar



Action Breakdown #19: Quiet Moments

Hey guys! I have returned after a long hiatus to bring you another edition of the Action Breakdown because of high demand. Well, not really, but I’m still back for more detailed deconstructions of the action genre. This w...
by Omar


Action Breakdown #18: PG-13 Action Movies

You want to know how to make an action junkie mad? Mention a PG-13 action movie and watch them devolve into insanity just at the mere mention of that phrase. It’s a trigger word that should not be taken lightly. However...
by Omar



Action Breakdown #17: Action Horror

I think I’ve mentioned this before, but I’ve loved the horror genre before the action genre. My first real exposure to movies (aside from kid’s films) were horror followed by action movies. These two genres se...
by Omar


Action Breakdown #16: Action Hero Families

Action heroes aren’t always lone wolf types who drink their pain away. They are sometimes normal everyday fathers and husbands just living day by day with the usual family troubles. It seems every action movie hero has a ...
by Omar


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Action Breakdown #15: Action Movie Marketing

All movies have a certain style of marketing in order to get butts in the seats of the cineplex. Horror movies emphasize on scares and gore, comedies focus on the comedians and the wacky antics, and dramas focus on great acto...
by Omar


Action Breakdown #5: Violence

If there is one thing that we love in our action movies more than explosions is violence. Bodily harm. Gore. Gunshot wounds. Dismemberments and just overall death and destruction. Aside from horror movies, action movies tend to...
by Omar



Action Breakdown #6: Love Interests

You know them and you love them. The love interest. The womanly touch that every action movie has. The one to give that other kind of “action”. The lady that needs rescuing or maybe does some of the rescuing. Every ...
by Omar