Antler cover for kindle

Antler Asylum and Other Stories

Insanity that bubbles just under the surface. Heroism that shines forth from a dark corner. A detective with a dark side. A sleepwalking serial killer. A human slavery organization. Eradication of all thought … Enter the Asyl...
by J-Man



Snake Plissken Returns!

BOOM! Studios has teased a new project starring Kurt Russell’s Snake Plissken. The Escape From New York and Escape From LA character will star in a comic from the publisher. This will mark BOOM!’s second adapt...
by Alex Paul


Jerry Bruckheimer: When Lightning Strikes – Four Decades of Filmmaking

During the 80’s and 90’s seeing the name Jerry Bruckheimer before a movie trailer meant you were going to get a big budget, R Rated, action spectacular. Movies like Crimson Tide, Top Gun, Con Air, Beverly Hills Cop,...
by Eoin Friel



Jason Statham: Taking Stock Book by Len Brown

Yes that’s right, just because we like action movies doesn’t mean we can’t read books too. I got this book a few months ago and it seems to have gone under the under for a few action fans so I thought I’...
by Eoin Friel