Full Movie: All Superheroes Must Die 2

You may remember a little indie film from a couple of years ago called All Superheroes Must Die. Well today you can watch the sequel completely free; Filmmaker Jason Trost has uploaded the entire movie on YouTube for all to se...
by Eoin Friel



Gary Daniels’ Ides of March

We’re big fans of Gary Daniels at The Action Elite and if you’ve followed his career you’ll know about the unreleased movie Ides of March AKA Ultimate Target from the year 2000. The plot was about a double-dealing member ...
by Eoin Friel


Full Movie: Ninja III: The Domination

In the mood for some Cannon flavoured ninja goodness? Well that’s convenient as today’s full length feature is the 1984 Sho Kosugi movie Ninja III: The Domination. The supporting cast includes Lucinda Dickey, Jordan...
by Eoin Friel



Full Movies: American Ninja 1 -3

I don’t know about you, but the weather here is kinda crappy today; it’s snowing and generally cold and miserable so I think we should all sit down and watch some more ninja flavoured goodness. Well today we have th...
by Eoin Friel


Full Movie: Revenge of the Ninja (1983)

How about a little Golan Globus action for your day? Well the Paramount Vaults on YouTube now have the 1983 classic Revenge of the Ninja for your viewing pleasure which we’ve embedded below. Plot: A Japanese Ninja is caug...
by Eoin Friel


MISSING IN ACTION, Chuck Norris, 1984, (c) Cannon

Full Movie: Missing in Action (1984)

Bored on a Sunday afternoon? Then why not settle in for some Chuck Norris flavoured badassery with the classic Missing in Action completely free of charge? Yes, The Paramount Vault strikes again and has posted the classic flick...
by Eoin Friel


Full Movie: Blood & Bone Extended Cut

In a rather awesome piece of news, director Ben Ramsey has uploaded a special extended cut of his martial arts film Blood & Bone, starring Michael Jai White. It’s a bit of an underrated gem and an extended cut can onl...
by Eoin Friel



Full Movie: Masters of the Universe (1987)

This is for US Residents only I’m afraid but it’s a cool little find all the same. There is a YouTube channel called Paramount Vaults and is a free and most importantly legal channel which has all kinds of awesome o...
by Eoin Friel


Ninjas: Secret History of the Ninja Uncovered (Full Documentary)

I think we can all agree that Ninjas are awesome; they have always fascinated fans of martial arts due to their mysterious history and frankly awesome black outfits. This fascinating documentary tries to explore the history of ...
by Eoin Friel



The Art of Action, Martial Arts in the Movies

Here is an awesome documentary which takes a look at the history of martial arts films from their Chinese roots to the present; it’s also presented by Samuel L. Jackson. The documentary includes footage of Bruce Lee, Raym...
by Eoin Friel