Daniel Zirilli Interview

Eoin interviews writer, director and producer Daniel Zirilli where we discuss UFC/MMA in the movies, upcoming action star Adam Von Rothfelder, Production Company Pop Art Film Factory and much more. Please click here for audio.
by Eoin Friel



Composers H. Scott Salinas & Reza Safinia Discuss Birth of the Dragon Score

Photo courtesy of Logan Stahley In 1965, martial arts icons Bruce Lee and Wong Jack Man had a private match away from the public that became legendary, even though neither man agreed upon the outcome. Director George Nolfi’s ...
by Eoin Friel


Daniel Bernhardt Interview

Eoin recently got to chat with action legend Daniel Bernhardt, who got to beat up Jason Statham in this year’s Parker, but will also be in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, Michael Bay’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles ...
by Eoin Friel



Dolph Lundgren Interview

We catch up with action star Dolph Lundgren to discuss his upcoming films ‘Skin Trade’, ‘The Expendables 3’ and knowing Sylvester Stallone for three decades. ‘Skin Trade’ synopsis: After his ...
by Alex Paul


Maclain Nelson & Adam Johnson Interview

Maclain Nelson and Adam Johnson chat about Dudes and Dragons with david j. moore
by david j. moore



Nick Chinlund Interview

Nick Chinlund has starred in some classic action movies including Con Air, Tears of the Sun, The Chronicles of Riddick, Eraser and many more. He has also starred in countless TV shows like The X-Files, NCIS: LA, Criminal Minds ...
by Eoin Friel


Chad Stahelski and David Leitch Interview

“John Wick Week” continues on The Action Elite and we sat down with the directors of the film Chad Stahelski and David Leitch where we talk about the film. Chad and David come from a background that includes stunt ...
by Eoin Friel



Brian Bosworth Interview

Our first interview is with legendary Football Player/Action Star: Brian Bosworth (“Stone Cold”, “One Tough Bastard”). Eoin:  First of all, let me thank you for taking the time out from your busy schedu...
by Eoin Friel


Interview with John Suits & Gabriel Cowan

david j. moore talks with John Suits & Gabriel Cowan about their new film Pandemic.
by david j. moore



Interview with Lucy Fry

Greg McLean’s new supernatural horror thriller The Darkness plunges viewers into a story about a family that returns from a vacation with a malevolent attachment to one of their own, and the parents – played by Kev...
by david j. moore