“Ironclad: Battle For Blood” Director Jonathan English Interview

In this exclusive interview, we chat with ‘Ironclad; Battle For Blood’ director Jonathan English. Travelling back to the dark, brutal past of 13-century England, IRONCLAD 2: BATTLE FOR BLOOD plunges us headlong into...
by Alex Paul



Interview with Josh C. Waller on Camino

Josh C. Waller, the director of the hard-hitting tournament movie Raze and this year’s jungle chase thriller Camino – both starring action stalwart and stuntwoman Zoë Bell – has been a busy man in the last ha...
by david j. moore


Interview With Lucky McKee

The one name in horror everyone should be paying attention to is Lucky McKee. His first film May (2002) quietly entered the stratum of independent horror and easily blew the genre up with its quirky intensity, and the film left...
by david j. moore



Rachel Nichols Interview

Completing our Continuum interviews leading up to the season three premiere, we speak to Rachel Nichols about her thoughts on Kiera, the suit and some behind the scenes dirt on her co-stars. In season three of Continuum, Kiera...
by Alex Paul


Allan Ungar Interview

We chat with the director of "Tapped Out".
by Eoin Friel



Chad Law & William Kaufman Interview

Chad Law is the writer of the new post-apocalyptic action horror flick Daylight’s End starring Johnny Strong and the movie is directed by William Kaufman. Chad and William sat down with The Action Elite and we had a grea...
by Eoin Friel


Interview with Robert Chapin

One of the very few martial arts action stars who is proficient in swordplay is Robert Chapin, the writer and star of Ring of Steel from the early 1990’s. He starred in several other feature films such as Dragon Fury and ...
by david j. moore



Holt Boggs Interview

Today I am joined by actor, writer, and producer Holt Boggs.  Thank you for taking the time to talk to The Action Elite. Anjanette: Your first major acting role was in the action film The Prodigy which was directed by William ...
by Anjanette


Interview with Orion Director Asiel Norton

Writer / director Asiel Norton’s radical new post-apocalyptic fantasy film Orion is unlike any end-of-the-world film ever made. Set after an unspecified apocalypse in and around The Rust (urban wasteland), the story conce...
by david j. moore



Ethan Flower Interview

Ethan Flower, star of upcoming action thriller Dragon Day stopped by to chat about the movie.   Thanks for joining us.   A: Thanks you guys, it’s really great to talk to you! I think what you guys do for action and ...
by Eoin Friel