Interview with Radha Mitchell

Australian actress Radha Mitchell has an impressive filmmography that any genre loving movie fan would be familiar with. Her roles in Pitch Black, Richard Franklin’s final film Visitors, the two Silent Hill films, The Cra...
by david j. moore



Vernon Wells Talks The Horde & Commando

To action fans Vernon Wells is a man who needs no introduction; he was Bennett in the Arnold Schwarzenegger classic Commando, Wez in The Road Warrior but he also has a meaty (ahem) role in the new action horror flick The Horde ...
by Eoin Friel


All New Interview with Daniel Zirilli

The new action film Crossing Point is a prime example of how an independent action picture can be done right, and its director Daniel Zirilli, who cut his teeth directing genre films like Circle of Pain and Locked Down, proves ...
by david j. moore



Interview with Ben Wheatley

One of modern cinema’s most radically unique filmmakers, Ben Wheatley’s oeuvre is like a collective from the work of a brilliant madman. With a keen eye for the mundane humor in ghastly horror, his films Down Terrac...
by david j. moore


Interview with Paul Logan

It’s not uncommon for action guys with huge potential to fall between the seams, and Paul Logan (unfortunately) has been one of those guys. With the right look to be both a hero or a villain, with skills in Kendo, Aikido,...
by david j. moore



Exclusive All New Tony Jaa Interview

Last weekend martial arts star Tony Jaa was kind enough to take a break from shooting XXX 3: The Return of Xander Cage and take The Action Elite out for dinner. I was joined by Amanda Da Silva and we went for a spectacular Thai...
by Eoin Friel and Amanda Da Silva


Interview with Michael Hurst

Writer / director Michael Hurst has been creating a niche for himself in the “B” movie market, making films aimed at fans of action, science fiction, and horror. In addition to writing Fire: Nature Unleashed (starri...
by david j. moore



Interview with Adrian Paul

The name Adrian Paul has become almost synonymous with the long running and beloved cult hit TV show Highlander (1992-1998) and its feature film spin offs Highlander: Endgame (2000) and Highlander: The Source (2007), but his ta...
by david j. moore


Interview with John Suits & Gabriel Cowan

david j. moore talks with John Suits & Gabriel Cowan about their new film Pandemic.
by david j. moore



All New Interview with Rachel Nichols

Usually cast as a strong heroine who’s formidable with an assortment of weapons (swords, axes, and a plethora of guns, come to mind), actress Rachel Nichols has been one of the most front-and-center stars of some of the b...
by david j. moore