Sue Me! I Love Death Wish 3

While watching Electric Boogaloo the documentary about the rise and fall of Cannon films, Bill & Ted star Alex Winters said something incredibly disturbing: “Death Wish 3 is one of the worst films of all time”. To that ...
by Eoin Friel



Sue Me! I Like Ninja Assassin

SYNOPSIS: Trained in methods of killing from an early age, Raizo (Rain) is a member of the secret clan of assassins known as the Ozunu. After the Ozunu kill his friend, however, Raizo breaks free from them and vanishes. Meanwhi...
by Eoin Friel

by J-Man



Sue Me! I like Twister

One of my greatest fears is a tornado, I mean who relishes the thought of getting sucked up into a swirling vortex?  Hence the irony of my love for the film Twister.  When my children were growing up, every time it rained we ...
by Anjanette


Sue Me! I Like Van Helsing

When I was growing up (I haven’t finished yet) Castlevania was my favourite video-game, especially on the Super Nintendo. I loved the music, the simplicity of the game-play and just the sheer atmosphere. When Van Helsing ...
by Eoin Friel



Sue me! I like Robocop 2

Well, it seems that the internet rioters incensed over Ben Affleck playing Batman have shifted their focus to the trailer for next year’s “Robocop” reboot, which debuted online a few days ago (for the record, ...
by Brad


Sue Me! I like Gamer

This Gerard Butler actioner kind of disappeared without trace, despite the fact it’s actually a pretty entertaining Hard R actioner. Not only does Butler get to kick some ass with some serious firepower, but he also gets to f...
by Eoin Friel



Sue Me! I love Drive Angry

This movie pretty much died in theatres and then disappeared, but I bought it on Blu Ray and watch it regularly because I think it’s awesome. Nic Cage is completely bad ass in it and any movie where our hero is having s...
by Eoin Friel


Sue Me! I like Dick Tracy

So, here’s the thing. I saw Dick Tracy in the theater when it was first released in 1990. (Man… I am old.) After the huge previous summer smashes, the top of which for me was Burton’s first Batman, I was prime...
by Brian M



Sue Me! I Love Wild Card (2015)

To prepare myself for watching Jason Statham steal the show in Fate of the Furious tonight I recently had another watch of his underrated Wild Card from 2015 which was a reworking of the Burt Reynolds movie Heat. It tells the t...
by Eoin Friel