Plot: After surviving a car accident, Michelle (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) wakes up to find herself in an underground bunker with two men. Howard (John Goodman) tells her that a massive chemical attack has rendered the air unbreathable, and their only hope of survival is to remain inside. Despite the comforts of home, Howard’s controlling and menacing nature makes Michelle want to escape. After taking matters into her own hands, the young woman finally discovers the truth about the outside world.

Review: I was wondering whether to review this or not as I’m not sure it counts as an action movie but by the time I had finished watching it I was more of the opinion that it’s multiple genres rolled into one, so here goes.

10 Cloverfield lane came out of nowhere in the same way that Cloverfield did a few years back; I have to admit I wasn’t a massive fan of Cloverfield as all the shaky cam made me feel ill but it wasn’t without its moments. 10 Cloverfield Lane is a very different beast altogether and one that I massively enjoyed.

The praise that John Goodman has received for the movie is totally deserved and frankly he should get some kind of award for it. He is immediately threatening and something just feels off as soon as he appears. The fact that Michelle (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) wakes up chained to the wall would certainly set the alarm bells off and we know that these people aren’t all going to live happily ever after.

It’s funny but if you’ve ever watched Metal Hurlant Chronicles there’s an episode of that which has a similar story where a girl wakes up in a bunker with some weirdo but it ends up that despite him being strange there was indeed an apocalypse and the world was pretty much finished.

10 Cloverfield Lane doesn’t go the same route but the comparisons are definitely there and were difficult to ignore.

I absolutely loved this movie, from its atmosphere of impending threat and the fact that Howard (Goodman) could erupt at any moment keeps you on the edge of your seat throughout. It isn’t exactly action-packed though which is why I questioned reviewing it but it feels more like a post-apocalyptic thriller like The Divide.

Mary Elizabeth Winstead is excellent as Michelle and we feel like we are right there with her unsure of what will happen next. The final 20 minutes may not be to everyone’s taste as it feels almost like a different movie but I thought it was awesome; the first half feels like it could work as a play onstage as it’s small in scale and is more of an intimate character piece.

The music is quite low key but when the action kicks off we get one of those great ear worm tunes that sticks in your head after watching, which are rare these days.

Overall, 10 Cloverfield Lane has a stellar performance from John Goodman who is in career best form and it has plenty of tension and an unpredictable story to be worth checking out.

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