Plot: Acclaimed Mainland Chinese director Feng Xiao-gang (A World Without Thieves, The Banquet) brings the little known Chinese Civil War into light with this powerful and unflinching film based on a true story. Captain Gu of the Communist Chinese Army’s Ninth Company must prevent a mineral mine from being fallen to the approaching Nationalist KMT army. As Gu and his soldiers wait for their army’s bugle assembly call which may never come, he must decide whether to retreat or fight to the last man. His decision and its consequences will haunt him for the rest of his life.

Praised by critics worldwide as China’s answer to Spielberg’s Saving Private Ryan with its equally visceral and riveting battle sequences, Assembly is not only an unforgettable war epic, it is also a moving tale of honor, heroism, and sacrifice.

Review: Yes this is China’s Saving Private Ryan.

Assembly is an impressive movie about the Chinese Civil War of 1948. The director Xiaogang Feng succeeds in promoting the true story of the journey of a man that spends his life trying to prove the bravery of his men that are in complete anonymity through a touching story. The extremely realistic battle scenes are comparable to “Saving Private Ryan”, with stunning camera work, performances and choreography. The cinematography is magnificent, and Hanyu Zhang has an awesome performance in the role of the tireless Captain Gu Zidi.

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