Batman and Robin are back in action to take down their fiendish foes once again with original actors Adam West voicing Batman, Burt Ward voicing Robin, and Julie Newmar voicing Catwoman.


The DC Universe Original Animated Movies are generally real treats for hardcore fans of the vast array of superhero characters DC has in their roster. We’ve been spoiled with all of the sincere and ambitious productions coming out of the gate with titles like Batman: Bad Blood, Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Justice League: Gods and Monsters, and Batman: The Killing Joke, and the DC line has just added a silver lining to their coat of many colors with the release of Batman: Return of the Caped Crusaders. Reuniting the stars of the original Batman TV series from the ’60s – Adam West as Batman, Burt Ward as Robin, and Julie Newmar as Catwoman in voice roles they could do in their sleep, their latest adventure – their first in animation – has them up against the biggest baddies in Gotham: The Joker, The Penguin, The Riddler, and Catwoman. The supervillains intend on taking over Gotham first … and then the world! After managing to poison and clone Batman, the Caped Crusader begins behaving strangely, and then turns against Commissioner Gordon and the police of Gotham, and so it’s up to Robin and turncoat Catwoman to set things straight … just before they go to outer space in a Moonraker-style plot that has Batman and Robin punching and socking the bad guys mid-orbit, sans gravity! If you don’t at least crack a smile watching this tongue-in-cheek tomfoolery, then you ain’t got a pulse.

Without missing a beat, Batman: Return of the Caped Crusaders is precisely the long-awaited sequel / riff of the original Batman series fans have been waiting for. Without the limitations of live action, the animated sequences spruce up the comic book antics of the whole affair, giving Adam West, Burt Ward, and Julie Newmar a sensational sandbox to lend their voices to, and if you missed out on the Fathom Events theatrical release, then rejoice because Warner Brothers has just released it on a Blu Ray / DVD / Digital HD combo pack, available everywhere. It’s the perfect addition to an already illustrious catalogue of original animated movies from DC, and if you’re a kid at heart, an old school fan, or even just a casual consumer, this movie is a ton of fun. From director Rick Morales.


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