An FBI agent posing as a combine driver becomes romantically involved with a Midwest farmer who lives a double life as a white supremacist.


A prominent left wing Jewish radio host is murdered by some masked white supremacists, and the FBI sends one of their unattached agents – Cathy Weaver (Debra Winger) – to weed out a supremacy group near where the murder occurred. She poses as an itinerant farmer, and she very quickly becomes attached to a handsome farmer named Gary Simmons (Tom Berenger), who on the surface appears to be a gentle family man recovering from a recent divorce. As they become romantically involved, Cathy soon realizes that Gary is not just one of the supremacists behind the radio host’s murder, but perhaps their leader! As he develops trust towards her and falls in love with her, he lets her into his deep, dark world, and at one point he takes her with him on a “hunting trip,” which turns out to be a heinous human hunt of an innocent black man. As Cathy reports back to her superiors, she’s told to keep doing what she’s doing and keep reporting back and gathering evidence against Gary and his friends, but the longer she stays with him and learns more about his world, the deeper in danger she becomes as his friends turn out to be full-on terrorists in the heartland. They rob banks, commit murder, amass heavy artillery for war, and plan assassinations, and it eventually gets to the point when the only person who can stop them is Cathy herself, but will her feelings for Gary get in her way or push her over the edge?

With radical tonal shifts and confounding events that play out like two or three different movies collided with each other, Betrayed is like a romantic, less sensational version of what Point Break became a few years later, but at its heart is a romantic thriller, but I just want to ask how anyone could fall for someone as deeply evil as Tom Berenger’s character and stay in love with him after witnessing the atrocities he commits in the movie, not to mention the horrid things he says throughout the movie. Debra Winger plays the character so well that it’s a wonder her character turns out to be such a fool. That said, there’s material here worth appreciating, but it’s a really bizarre film. Joe Eszterhas (Basic Instinct) wrote it and Costa-Gavras directed it.

Olive Films has just released a solid looking blu ray of Betrayed, and if you’ve never seen the film before and are curious, it’s now available to own. If you’re a Berenger fan, check it out, but I’m just warning you that the movie itself is confounding. The high definition picture quality of the disc is an improvement over the old MGM DVD, and while there aren’t any special features on the disc, the upgrade might be worth it to you.


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