Review: Eric Jacobus has really been making a name for himself over the past few years as a modern master of indie action. He comes up with quirky stories, memorable characters and fantastic action scenes; this time he co-writes with Clayton J. Barber (who also directs). Blindsided doesn’t disappoint which once again has Jacobus’ particular brand of Jackie Chan-esque humour but also arguably his most memorable character to date.

Jacobus plays Walter, a blind man with a penchant for apple pies who goes to his local convenience store to get some fresh apples. He discovers his friend (and store owner) Gordon (Roger Yuan) has got into trouble with local sharks and owes them some money.

Before you can say “Matt Murdock” Walter springs into action and single handedly beats up the three thugs. Clayton J. Barber who has a great eye for action directs the film with fluid camera work and first-rate fight choreography.

At only 12 minutes long it feels like a taster of bigger things to come and Walter is far too interesting to only be in this one picture, so hopefully we get a feature length movie soon. Jacobus shows real dedication to his craft as during the end credits you see him training with a blindfold on as he gets the feel for what it’s like to have no sight. This just gives Blindsided even more credibility and is one of the best short films I’ve seen in many years.

Overall, Blindsided is only 12 minutes long but it’s massively entertaining and is yet another reason why Eric Jacobus should be in bigger movies and I can’t wait to see what director Clayton Barber comes up with next as well. The film will be live online from March 1st so be sure to check it out then.

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