Plot: A business man by day and criminal mastermind by night, Quinn Forte (Billy Zane) had it all: money, power, respect… until someone from his inner circle murdered his father and stole it all away. Now, years later, Quinn is out of jail and, with the help of his former henchman, Axel (Dolph Lundgren), back to bring down everyone who betrayed him.

Review: I’m still not entirely sure what Blood of Redemption has to do with the story for this movie but that’s pretty much the only problem I had with this frankly excellent action/crime drama.

The cast are all on top form and I think this is honestly one of Dolph’s best ever films. Vinnie Jones is always a great bad guy but what I loved is that the characters weren’t one-dimensional. Jones isn’t a good guy but he isn’t necessarily a villain either. It’s difficult to discuss without spoiling it as there are plenty of twists and turns to the story.

You’ve also got action legend Robert Davi doing a decent British accent and for once he isn’t really the main villain.

I still think Billy Zane would be a great Lex Luthor and this role only cements that opinion; his character Quinn is well layered and his story is arguably the best of the supporting cast.

Axel is one of Dolph’s more complex characters and really demonstrates that there is more to him than just kicking ass. Although there is plenty of action with some great fights, it’s the storyline which kept me interested from beginning to end.

It was tightly paced at only 84 minutes long so at no point did I look at my watch. It also has a fabulous score with some great electric guitar, really feeling like an old-school action movie with a modern twist.

If you’re looking for a movie like Red Scorpion or The Punisher, you may be disappointed; this is more of a gangster film where mob boss Serge (played by the always brilliant Robert Miano) is wanting out of the business for good. Things never go as planned though and when he is murdered that’s when the action kicks off. It doesn’t have lots of explosions or car chases but more one on one fights which is frankly my favourite kind of action anyway.

Overall, Blood of Redemption has proven to be one of the most surprising and entertaining action movies of the year. If you’re tired of CG overload and cartoons, I would give it a watch for something a little different.

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