Tragedy strikes as two ruthless brothers kidnap a bride during her wedding. Hurt and angry, H.H. begins his quest to find the love he lost, and take vengeance upon the wicked.


Perhaps one of the last legitimate spaghetti westerns, Comin’ At Ya! was designed from top to bottom to be a 3D extravaganza, and on that front, it doesn’t disappoint. On their wedding day, HH Hart (Tony Anthony from all four films in The Stranger series) and his wife are ambushed by two scallywag brothers who shoot him and leave him for dead, while kidnapping his bride (played by a young Victoria Abril). HH spends the next few weeks recuperating while trying to gather clues as to where his wife was taken, and scouring all the dustbowl towns in the area, he surmises that his beautiful wife was taken prisoner by slave traders who traffic in human merchandise, and eventually he ends up crashing the slave auction where his wife is about to be sold to the highest bidder. With his fully loaded shotgun blasting explosive shells, he goes in without a care, but his plan collapses when he’s taken captive. Left hanging and thought to be dead (again), he escapes, turns the tables, and leads a smashing (and pretty violent) rescue of his wife, who by that point has been drug half naked by a horse and nearly drowned.

Wall-to-wall 3D gimmicks and an almost wordless script that pummels the viewer with great, violent action, Comin’ At Ya! is from star/producer Tony Anthony, director Ferdinando Baldi (who collaborated on Treasure of the Four Crowns with Anthony), and co-writer and co-star Gene Quintano, who also worked on Four Crowns with these guys. The set pieces in this film are pretty rad, and Anthony was always fun to watch, but perhaps the 3D gimmick is a little distracting at times. The 3D stuff is highlighted by hyperstylized camera tricks (which is a little lost when watching it in 2D), but it makes for a very unique viewing experience. You can tell they were trying to make the ultimate 3D movie here, and they probably did.

MVD Visual has recently released a nice looking blu ray of Comin’ At Ya!, and both 3D and 2D versions are on the same disc, but when I tried to watch it on my 2D television, I had an issue with it. For whatever reason, the screen split for an identical double image that I couldn’t work my way around. I ended up playing it on my 3D TV, where I was easily able to select the 2D option, and that’s how I watched it. The picture quality was very clear and filmic, and the sound quality was above satisfactory. I also own the old Rhino DVD edition, but MVD’s release is a vast improvement over it. Just be warned that you may need to watch it on a 3D television. There were some bonus features, such as a trailer, but that’s about it.


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