Synopsis: A gunfighter forms a gang of “deceased” execution victims to get revenge on the politician and outlaw who killed his wife.

Review: After his gunslinging days, Django (played here by Terrence Hill) goes respectable and settles down and marries a woman. He’s on the road with his wife, and some thugs ambush them and his wife is murdered, and he’s left for dead. Five years later, he’s buried his sorrows in alcohol and is working as an executioner that services a number of neighboring towns. Anytime someone needs to be hanged, he’s there to do the job. Except he’s not doing his job: He’s rigging each execution so that the condemned prisoners don’t die. He realizes that all of the business he’s been getting is because a local baron is framing innocent farmers for crimes they didn’t commit so that he can claim their land after they die. Django, quite simply, is building an army of people who owe him their lives, and he comes to collect! The land baron (played by Horst Frank) and his right hand man (played by George Eastman) are meanwhile trying to steal a stagecoach full of gold, but Django’s army steals it first, enraging the baron, inciting a war so that Django can finally have his sweet revenge.

A genuine sequel to the original Django with Franco Nero, Django Prepare a Coffin is pretty good stuff, with lots of action and a great finale where Django massacres an entire army with a Gatling gun. The movie might not be a classic, and Terrence Hill might not be Franco Nero, but this film doesn’t have to be iconic to be entertaining. The direction by Ferdinando Baldi (Comin’ At Ya!) isn’t super stylish, but it’s serviceable.

Arrow Video has just released a definitive edition of Django prepare a Coffin onto a nicely packaged Blu-ray / DVD combo pack. It’s presented in high definition (in 1:66:1 aspect ratio), with two audio tracks (English and Italian), subtitles, and a feature called “Django Explained – A New Interview with Spaghetti Western Author Kevin Grant.”

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