Plot: “A team of skydiving crooks led by DEA-agent-turned-bad Busey specialize in landing on police roofs and breaking in so their evil computer nerd can steal undercover agents’ files and sell them to drug lords. Federal Marshal Snipes lost a brother to this crew and learns skydiving with the help of tough-but-lovable instructor Butler so he can track them down.”

This is one of my favourite Wesley Snipes films and was clearly cashing in on the success of Point Break; and why not? Point Break is a classic!

There is some (pretty) decent aerial photography in his movie but unlike Point Break there is a bit too much obvious blue screen here. It is kind of off-putting as it takes you out of the action.

It’s well paced, pretty well acted and has one of Hans Zimmer’s best scores. Screeching electric guitar greatness wins my vote every time.

Drop Zone also steals a cast member of Point Break; the one, the only GARY BUSEY!! HECK YEAH! He’s on villain duty in this and practically steals the movie. You also have Yancy Butler from Hard Target fame; she was great, shame we haven’t seen her in that much since.

The plot isn’t all that original and does feel a bit too similar to several other movies but there’s still plenty to enjoy here.

Overall, Drop Zone has a great cast, some decent action and an awesome score, but is let down by blue screen and a lack of originality.

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