Steve Austin and Danny Trejo star in this better-than-average action flick. Austin plays Ryan, an ex-cop out for revenge after the brutal murder of his family.

Danny Trejo is the bad guy (for a change) Drake, who owns the small town of Hope. When Ryan kills his brother, he is less than pleased.

Recoil is well paced with some good fight scenes, seeing as it’s an STD flick then the action is small but that’s no bad thing. It’s mostly hand to hand combat, which is my favourite type of action scene.

No shaky cam either, so it’s refreshingly well directed. It’s funny how most STD flicks are better directed than big budget fare these days.

The script is forgettable but adequate, really who cares about dialogue? We just want smashy smashy and Recoil delivers. I will say that the film actually has well developed characters, like the deputy Sherriff whose story has a satisfying (if predictable) conclusion.

This is one of Steve Astin’s better action flicks. All he needs to do is look tough and kick ass, which he does very well.

Overall, worth checking out and delivers a low budget, kick ass ride.

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Eoin Friel
Eoin Friel

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