Plot: A professional killer comes out of retirement to investigate and avenge the brutal murder of an old friend.

Review: The Evil that Men Do was another of Charles Bronson’s controversial movies and it’s easy to see why. The opening scene is a tough one to sit through as the sadistic Doctor electrocutes a reporter to death. Thankfully the rest of the movie is standard action fare with nothing overly disturbing.

There is an awesome moment in a bar where Charlie takes on a thug by grabbing him by the balls and twisting them with his foot on the guy’s throat. It did not look like something I would ever want done to me… poor bastard.

Anyway, Bronson is a badass retired assassin who can read lips and seems pretty chilled for someone who kills people for a living. His best friend is a fish called Quasimodo; yes, this is true believe it or not.

Joseph Maher is an interesting and hateful villain in Molloch; a doctor who takes pleasure in performing unnecessary surgery on his victims. One of the other shocking moments in the film is when Holland (Bronson) is watching a video of the doctor’s victims as they describe what he did to them. You feel no sympathy for Molloch as he is an absolute monster and deserves everything that happens to him and he comes to a most satisfying end.

It’s well paced with plenty of action and Bronson’s hitman Holand is one of his better characters. He’s always a step ahead of the bad guys and it’s the type of protagonist I love to watch. There’s a real feeling of threat throughout the film not just from Molloch but the military as well.

The music score is a little dated but works well in building up the sense of dread and is never intrusive.

Overall, The Evil that Men Do is a tough watch for the first 10 minutes but watching Bronson take down the bad guys is never less than satisfying. Definitely worth tracking down.

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