A priest is put in a dilemma when the serial killer who has been murdering priests and nuns confesses to him.


A series of murders of nuns and priests is plaguing the city of Detroit, and somehow the serial killings are all connected. The killer makes a confessional admission to Father Koesler (Donald Sutherland), and from one moment to the next, Koesler bears the weight of proof of who the killer is, but he is bound to his sacred oath as a priest and cannot assist the official police investigation. Faced with the mystery of the killings and the way they’re all connected and the why of it all, he hunts the killer and realizes that his old friend Father Ted Nabors (Charles Durning) is the next target on the killer’s list. Will Koesler have the good timing and fortitude to stop the killer before his friend is murdered?

Based on a pulp novel by William X. Kienzle and adapted for the screen by Elmore Leonard, The Rosary Murders is one of the few really good Catholic-centric action/thrillers of the 1980’s (I like Last Rites with Tom Berenger too), and somehow it was never released to DVD or blu ray until now. It languished on VHS for years, and now that Kino Lorber has just released a great looking blu ray (and DVD) in anamorphic widescreen, the film can be enjoyed by a whole new generation of purveyors of good pulpy thrillers. The Rosary Murders will be released on DVD and blu ray on March 1st.

Rosary 1

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