Shinichi “Sonny” Chiba is WOLFGUY, the only survivor of a clan of werewolves who relies on his feral, full-moon-activated superpowers to solve mysterious crimes. One night, a bizarre and bloody death in the Tokyo streets plunges him into a far-reaching conspiracy populated by crooked politicians, naked women, bit-players like Hideo Murota, a phantom tiger, and — best of all — a shadowy organization.


If Logan or The Wolverine had been made in 1975 in Japan with Sonny Chiba, Wolf Guy is the closest thing to what that would have been. Chiba plays an intense dude who stumbles upon his destiny: He comes across a crazed man in the middle of Tokyo, and almost before his very eyes, the man is eviscerated as if an animal tore him apart. Chiba doesn’t take this lightly: He soon comes to realize that the man who was killed was somehow connected to a clan of “Wolf Guys,” and that he himself is the last of an ancient clan of “Wolf Guys” with powers beyond his understanding. He begins to investigate the guy’s murder, but plunges headfirst into a bonkers conspiracy where he becomes the hunted. He retreats to the wilderness where he finds a woman who may be like him, but the soldiers hunting him eventually catch up and force his hand. He attacks like an animal and gets his vengeance!

Completely crazy, but imminently watchable, Wolf Guy (from Toei Japan) is a genre jambalaya with martial arts insanity, rape, sex, nudity, bloody, splashy gore, action, and has a couple of zinger moments where Chiba does things I’ve never seen before: In one action scene he shoves a stick in the barrel of a gun, making it impossible for his attacker to shoot him, and in another he’s strapped to an operating table and guys are pulling his guts out, but he uses his “Wolf Guy” powers to reel his guts back in! The music score is jazzy and interesting with some cool songs, but the film itself is not for everyone. It’s a rare curiosity. From director Kazuhiko Yamaguchi.

Arrow Video has just released a blu ray/DVD combo pack for Wolf Guy, and this is the very first time the movie has been on home video. Fans of Chiba take note!

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