Review: Superhero television might have really gotten its kick-start with the black and white Superman show with George Reeve in the ’50s, but it wasn’t until the ’60s when Adam West and Burt Ward donned the colored capes to fit into their Batman and Robin costumes that superheroes received their rightly vivid 4-color due. When the Batman series eventually spawned a feature film in 1966, everything was perfectly ported over from the small screen to the big screen, including the iconic music by Nelson Riddle. Everyone who’s anyone should know the “Batman theme” (composed by Neal Hefti) by heart. You can hear the kicks and punches in the music, and you can imagine Batman and Robin running towards you with their innocently playful puns and willingness to carry out justice.

La La Land has just released the definitive soundtrack CD to the Batman movie, and it’s a full disc with over 70 minutes of music, including several bonus tracks not found anywhere else. Once again, La La Land’s loving treatment of DC Universe soundtracks is on full display with this premium release that has a thick insert booklet that discusses the history of the music for this film, and the disc is well worth a purchase for hardcore fans and even passing aficionados of film music, as Nelson Riddle’s compositions are upbeat, memorable, and exciting (not to mention bearing a distinct swinging ’60’s sound).


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