It is a fact that Brian Tyler is incapable of doing a crap music score; as soon as I heard he was doing the music to Iron Man 3 I thought “Finally, now we might actually get a decent theme tune!”

I was right and this score exceeded my expectations and is now one of the all time classic superhero scores.

The first track entitled Iron Man 3 (strangely enough) introduces us to the new Iron Man theme and finally it’s a new superhero movie score that is memorable.

Personally, I was let down with the forgettable blandness of The Avengers score and it never really stuck with me. The movie still rocked but the music was a disappointment considering it was by the legendary Alan Silvestri.

I’ve said it before that I don’t understand how Tyler creates such a BIG sound with the drums. The music has such a grand sense of scale and although he now has a recognisable style, his scores are all very different. This is by far his most heroic score and definitely one of the best of 2013.

In terms of favourite tracks, “Stark” builds up to some bombastic action. It kinda sucks that I haven’t seen the film yet so I can only imagine what is going on in the movie during these cues, but it sure sounds good.

The Mechanic is a quieter track and I imagine that it’s a scene between Tony and Pepper. It’s mostly piano and warm orchestra in the background, creating a rather sombre vibe of possible impending doom… then about 2 minutes in some rather funky guitar kicks in and the tone changes.

Hot Pepper is an exciting, heroic and action packed ride of a tune and Dive Bombers is another favourite.

The final track “Can You Dig it” is a 60s style version of the theme tune and I did find myself dancing (poorly) around my apartment. It just has a great sense of fun and with everyone obsessed with gritty realism today, it is altogether very refreshing indeed.

If like me, you’ve wanted a superhero score that actually has a heroic theme tune that sticks in your head then thank Brian Tyler, for he has created the best comic book score since Danny Elfman’s Batman.

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