Anyone who grew up in the era of Saturday morning cartoons will surely have indelibly fond memories of Hanna Barbera’s seminal cartoon series Jonny Quest. The globe-trotting action adventure series has blonde haired dynamo Jonny and his sidekicks Hadji, “Race” Bannon, and the bulldog Bandit braving every peril known to man to find treasure, running afoul of pirates and raiders, and all sorts of fun things kids only dream about. It’s basically a concoction of all the ingredients that were used to make Indiana Jones and the Clive Cussler adventure novels so great.

The music for the Jonny Quest cartoons – composed by William Hanna, Joseph Barbera, and Hoyt Curtin – has long been a holy grail for soundtrack collectors, and you can hear why in the compositions that have a 007-ish sound, with jazzy adventure grooves. You can instantly imagine the jeopardy in the cocktail of rhythms and swirls of danger and thematic upturns that go from adventure shrills to mysterious questing with ethnic interludes.

La La Land Records has just released the Original Television Soundtrack to Jonny Quest with a two-CD set with over 150 minutes of music. It’s the ultimate collection of music from the series, far exceeding fan expectations. The collection is limited to only 3000 units, and the set is selling quickly, so grab one while it’s still available.


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