Review: Before Tom Cruise sprung into action in five big screen adventures as Ethan Hunt of the IMF (Impossible Missions Force), Mission Impossible was a verifiable smash hit on television in the 1960’s. Over seven exciting seasons, viewers were treated to a plethora of “impossible missions” for Ethan Hunt’s team to solve.

La La Land Records recently released a six-disc all-inclusive collection from all seven seasons from Mission Impossible, composed by (count ’em:) sixteen different composers, including the theme composer Lalo Schifrin, and other contributing composers such as Jerry Fielding, Robert Draskin, and Jack Urbant, just to name a few. Once again, La La Land has pulled out all the stops and spared no expense in presenting the ultimate collection of music from a T.V. series that deserved to have a massive film music compilation box set that is worthy of an award. Just as in their beautiful and essential box set of music from the original Star Trek series, Mission Impossible: The Television Scores is an integral piece of film music history that should be on every film collector’s must haves.

Presented in a sturdy red box that houses two sets with three CD’s each, this collection is limited to only 1500 units, so be warned to purchase fast before it’s out of print forever. Here’s hoping La La Land releases a CD collection from Mission Impossible: The ’88 and ’89 seasons.

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david j. moore

david j. moore is the author of World Gone Wild: A Survivor’s Guide to Post-Apocalyptic Movies and the upcoming book The Good, the Tough and the Deadly: Action Movies and Stars, coming April, 2016 from Schiffer Publishing.