One of the most prolific and talented composers working in movies today is Brian Tyler, who on average has something like four or five film projects and at least one or two TV projects a year, not to mention the occasional videogame project. We’re just halfway through 2017, and he has scored some of the biggest and most visible films released, including XXX: Return of Xander Cage, Fate of the Furious, The Mummy, and Power Rangers.

Tyler’s score to Power Rangers ranks fairly high amongst his credits in terms of it being one of his stronger scores. The film was quite entertaining as well, but his music is instantly heroic, mysterious, complex, and has some nice themes for the five young “Power Ranger” characters. Tyler displays emotional depth and power in his compositions, and unlike some of his contemporaries, he understands the importance of building themes around characters, and there’s plenty of tease and build up to those moments where he unleashes on his listeners.

My favorite Bryan Tyler scores have to be Bangkok Dangerous, Rambo, Bubba Ho-Tep, Battle Los Angeles, and maybe his score to Thor: The Dark World, but his score to Power Rangers ranks pretty high on the list. He uses a big orchestra, rock mechanics, and electronics to deliver a high-energy experience which fans of the film and connoisseurs of film scoring will enjoy.

Varese Sarabande recently released a nearly 80-minute soundtrack CD of Power Rangers, and it’s also recently available on LP record and digital download. It’s worth every penny.

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