La La Land Records, one of the foremost and enduring soundtrack labels still producing and releasing top-of-the-line scores to movies and T.V. shows, has been specializing in releasing never-before-released scores to all things related to the Star Trek franchise. Their mammoth-sized 15-disc Original Series collection was one for the ages. Over the years, they’ve been producing some exquisite four-disc collections of the music from all of the T.V. series that have come and gone, including two sets from The Next Generation, one set (so far) from Deep Space Nine, two sets from Enterprise, and now finally the first set from Voyager, which contains four discs containing over five hours of music from episodes that span the whole series.


Disc One collects music by Jay Chattaway, with the main title theme by Jerry Goldsmith. The first disc is the strongest, but disc two, which collects music by Dennis McCarthy (a regular composer from The Next Generation), is strong and collects some great cues. Disc Three by David Bell and Paul Baillargeon is the curious collection, as it introduces two slightly less accomplished composers to the Star Trek mix. The music here is good, but more incidental, but certainly integral, as we get some underscore to the Borg race for the two-part episode “Dark Frontier.” Disc three collects “Fan Favorites,” with music by Chattaway and McCarthy for thir two-part episode arcs “Scorpion” and “Year of Hell”, and that closes out this stellar four-disc collection that belongs in every avid Star Trek fan’s music collection.


This collection is limited to 3000 units.

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